Author, Narrator, Voice-Actor, Musician, Creator, Showrunner and Executive Producer of the THAMRO audio show; co-creator of The J. Spade Chronicles. 


  • Narrator/Voice Actor: VsReality Audio Book by Blake Northcott
  • Co-Author: The J. Spade Chronicles, GOD-MODE
  • Author: The Mote-Beam Theory
  • Singer/Songwriter: Elyon
  • Singer/Songwriter/Producer: Various Musical Endeavors
  • Showrunner: THAMRO Audio Show 
  • Narrator/Voice Actor: THAMRO Audio Show


Actor, Author, Director, co-creator of The J. Spade Chronicles and Shield of Destiny. 


  • Actor in over 150 commercials, numerous television shows and films
  • Numerous directoral credits
  • Author: You Booked It
  • Co-Author: Shield of Destiny fantasy series
  • Co-Author: The J. Spade Chronicles, GOD-MODE
  • Actor, Director, Executive Producer: "Can We Do That?" web series
  • Visionary, Co-creator and Executive Producer for the THAMRO book series and animated television show.


Thamro is a collection of fantasy action/adventure stories told through a wide variery of mediums.  It is based in the fictional world of "Welkin", a place that purposely blurs the historical timeline to cover everything from Authorian legend, to Shaolin monks, to the Old Testament and even goes into the future if the storylines warrant it.

The name (today) represents a few things.  As a 15-year-old kid with big dreams, Omar K. Mills came up with THAMRO by combining the letters of his own name with that of his (then) favorite superhero - The Mighty THOR.  Thamro, originally, was supposed to have a hammer, but even Omar knew that was too "on the nose".  Inspired by the character, "The Black Knight" and the 80's cartoons he loved (He-Man and the Thundercats), Omar decided that Thamro would be better off with a sword.

Early versions of the story centered around one man.  Omar initially made Thamro a white male who, when trouble arose, took a sword out of a briefcase and held it (a la Prince Adam) and yelled "THAMRO!" - turning into a super strong hero ready to save the day.

As Omar got older, the mood of the country swayed towards more socially conscious forms of entertainment.  Thamro, during the late 80's and early 90's became an African American hero.  His costume also changed to look more like Seth Thamro's uniform.  Intially it was a half mask with tassels, but it later changed to a full mask - and even later to a full mask with a head guard.

When Omar turned his attention to music full time, he shelved Thamro.  Years later, Omar decided to write more stories for the character, but so many years had passed that he knew it needed to be reimagined.  It was too expensive to produce as a graphic novel (out of pocket), but his years spent in the music studio gave him a fresh way to deliver the stories - especially with podcasting now being such a viable medium.  And thus, the THAMRO audio show was born.

As Omar wrote the stories, he had initially planned to voice all of the characters, but changed his mind when he did the initial pilot (Enter the Dragon) and saw just how much more dynamic the show could be with a variety of actors and immersive sound effects.

Organically the show took on a life of its own.  Actor availabilty and talent shaped new inspiration, and what was once a story about a single hero had now matured into a world that featured a wide variety of heroes, villains, villains-turned-heroes and even more.


The THAMRO audio show has been heard on every continent in the world.  The city where it is most popular is Tokyo, Japan.  Consequently, Thamro is now much larger than the story of one man, and that is precisely why Omar asked Ski-ter Jones to join him in this mission.  The title of THAMRO now represents the whole of this universe.  There are several characters, each with their own unique stories just waiting to be explored, told, and retold.


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