#40, "The Crucible", written by Omar K. Mills. Starring: Baz Jones as 1000 Years, Brandon Bell as Rixor, Bruce Production as Xander Temujin, Dale Suffridge as Useless the Horse, Alicia Perrone as Anjelica, Omar K. Mills as The Provost and Kelly Nugent as Maura Templeton.


THAMRO #1: Enter the Dragon

January 01, 2015

1: Enter the Dragon

An onxy dragon appears out of nowhere and threatens to destroy Echo Village.


THAMRO #2: Necromancer's Pride

February 01, 2015

2: Necromancer's Pride

An onyx dragon threatens to destroy Welkin. A mysterious Necromancer might know the reason why.


THAMRO #3: My Name is Gladiator

March 01, 2015

3: My Name is Gladiator

An onyx dragon threatens to destroy all of Welkin. Meanwhile, young Seth Thamro awakens in a dungeon with no memory of how he got there.


THAMRO #4: Convergence

March 15, 2015

4: Convergence

Jenna Kiss tries to convince Kreyvex and Thamro to help her escape the Finn dungeons, while the White Robe Mages investigate the murder of Damien Lucien. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure secretly watches Borro Cain.


THAMRO #5: Order of the Dragon

April 01, 2015

5: Order of the Dragon

A mysterious group, hidden in the shadows for years, reveals its plans for the onyx dragon. Meanwhile, King Peros prepares a detachment to go after Borro Cain, and something else, far deadlier, to capture Kreyvex, Jenna Kiss and Thamro.


THAMRO #6: Thieves in the Night

May 01, 2015

6: Thieves in the Night

Thamro and Jenna attempt to break into the Mages Guild, hoping to steal the work of Arch Magus Damien Lucien. Meanwhile, Anjelica continues agonizing over how to woo the Dragon Rider.


THAMRO #7: Potions & Ghosts

May 17, 2015

7: Potions & Ghosts

The most feared bounty hunter in Welkin, the Ghost, pays a visit to King Peros, while Anjelica travels to Ubrys to hire the Alchemist.


THAMRO #8: Dangerous Liaisons

June 01, 2015

8: Dangerous Liaisons

The Tarragon confronts Captain Kronos, Anjelica attempts to seduce Dominic Peros, while Thamro and Jenna stand trial for the murder of Arch Magus Damien Lucien.


THAMRO #9: Surrender

July 01, 2015

9: Surrender

A riderless carriage arrives in the royal city with mysterious cargo (and a warning for King Peros). Anjelica and Dominic confront the Tarragon, and while that is going on, the standoff continues at the tower of the white robes.


THAMRO #10: Ghost Stories

August 01, 2015

10: Ghost Stories

Thamro, Jenna, the Provost and Magus Thorn ride towards the shrine of Borro Cain, while Lyssa and Kreyvex make ways towards Ubrys. Simple travels turn serious when a certain bounty hunter suddenly appears.


THAMRO #11: Revelations

September 01, 2015

11: Revelations

Thamro, Jenna, Magus Thorn and The Provost arrive at the shrine of Borro Cain to collect the dragon scale. In this episode, many secrets get revealed.


THAMRO #12: End Game

September 20, 2015

12: End Game

Thamro and his friends regroup with King Peros in hopes of finally reversing the spell on Borro Cain, but Anjelica, Dominic and the Order of the Dragon have other plans in mind. Who will survive the inevitable encounter?


THAMRO #13: Born Again

October 01, 2015

13: Born Again

An old enemy rises from the grave with orders to bring about war to Welkin. Meanwhile, Kreyvex and Lyssa embark on a new mission to help Thamro, who is suddenly comatose.


THAMRO #14: Ursula

October 15, 2015

14: Ursula

The Provost finally makes contact with Ursula, goddess of the underworld. New goals are established and much that was previously hidden is revealed.


THAMRO #15: Elixir

October 31, 2015

15: Elixir

Anjelica returns to Ubrys on her new magical stallion to visit the Alchemist - unaware that Kreyvex and Lyssa are also headed there. While that is going on, Jarl Ranwolfe visits Finn to consult with the widowed Queen. Unbeknownst to them all, a certain bounty hunter is also lurking about.


THAMRO #16: Soon

November 08, 2015

16: Soon

The Provost arrives in Ubrys seeking Anjelica, Kreyvex and Lyssa head north to Tron Lore Dawn, and Queen Peros faces challenges in the royal city.


THAMRO #17: Song of the Dragon

December 06, 2015

17: Song of the Dragon

Anjelica, the Alchemist and the Provost return to Mt. Zinar to resurrect Dominic Peros, while Kreyvex and Lyssa find big trouble in Tron Lore Dawn.


THAMRO #18: Chameleon of Kings

December 28, 2015

18: Chameleon of Kings

Anjelica and the Provost face the newly resurrected Dominic Peros. Can they convince him to become the "Chameleon of Kings"? (Written and Edited by Omar K. Mills, Starring: Alicia Perrone, Omar K. Mills & Dale Suffridge)


THAMRO #19: The Quick & The Dead

January 27, 2016

19: The Quick & The Dead

Jenna Kiss awakens, bound with silver chains, the prisoner of a certain bounty hunter, with vengeance on his mind.


THAMRO #20: Détente

February 21, 2016

20: Détente

Kreyvex and Lyssa remain prisoners in the Myrmidon camp, looking to escape. Will Kumara of Clan Thamro assist them, or make matters worse?


THAMRO #21: I Am Legend

March 13, 2016

21: I Am Legend

Before Borro Cain was an onyx dragon; before Oliver Merrleness was widely known as, ‘The Provost’; before Ursula had designs on challenging Elyon; there was a Myrmidon whose name was Thad Bannon - the Legendary Thamro.


THAMRO #22: Elyon

April 23, 2016

22: Elyon

Jenna Kiss awakens in the afterlife, while The Provost and Anjelica continue their quest to overthrow Ursula.


THAMRO #23: Disclosure

May 22, 2016

23: Disclosure

Achilles pays a visit to 1000 Years, Kreyvex and Lyssa are helped by Kumara while Jenna must figure out a way to use Convergence to send Seth to the Nine.


THAMRO #24: Thamro Must Die

May 29, 2016

24: Thamro Must Die

An enraged Lyssa seeks revenge against her father, The Gathian army leaves for Finn armed for war, while Anjelica and the Provost meet with Ursula.


THAMRO #25: Hell Boy

July 04, 2016

25: Hell Boy

Thamro wakes up in the Nine Hells with Convergence sticking out of his chest. Jenna, the one who stabbed him, has a lot of explaining to do.


THAMRO #26: Out of Options

July 10, 2016

26: Out of Options

The Provost and Anjelica discuss their options now that Ursula has turned on them.


THAMRO #27: The Problem with Power

July 17, 2016

27: The Problem with Power

Anjelica and the Provost arrive at Echo Village to collect the magic dust that they need. What they find instead causes Anjelica to grieve and reflect on a moment from her past.


THAMRO #28: Billsby the Bard

July 24, 2016

28: Billsby the Bard

Thamro and Jenna, still prisoners in Sindel and Ba-al Khan's soul caravan, make an interesting new friend. Introducing Billsby the Bard, the Greatest Bard in All of Welkin!


THAMRO #29: We Are All Evil Men

July 31, 2016

29: We Are All Evil Men

The Provost and Anjelica arrive on the shores of Queentis, seeking audience with Elyon. What they find instead will change their lives forever.


THAMRO #30: You Keep What You Kill

August 07, 2016

30: You Keep What You Kill

The Ghost returns to Widow-Maker Temple in search of his wife. Unbeknownst to him and the Agents of Thorn, Anjelica, the Provost and Thad Bannon are also coming there. Many truths get revealed in this action packed episode.


THAMRO #31: The Arms of Orion

August 14, 2016

31: The Arms of Orion

Thamro, Jenna and Billsby remain prisoners in the soul caravan of Sindel and Ba-al Khan. Upon arrival in the "Torso" of Hell, however, we learn that Orion - the god of the Torso, has specific plans for Seth.


THAMRO #32: Glueless

August 21, 2016

32: Glueless

Thamro and the Tarragon are on the run from demons, Jenna and Billsby are running from Ba-al Khan, and Useless has to warn the Queen about the bewitched armies headed to destroy Finn.


THAMRO #33: Prayer for the Dying

August 28, 2016

33: Prayer for the Dying

Seth Thamro, powerless and terrified in the Nine Hells, remains on the run for his life from the Tarragon, Dagon and Sindel.


THAMRO #34: Coins for the Ferryman

September 04, 2016

34: Coins for the Ferryman

Anjelica and the Provost arrive in the Nine Hells, but find themselves a good ways from Ursula's lair. They must receive a boat ride from Hell's infamous Ferryman. But can they trust him?


THAMRO #35: Sisters of the Dragon

September 11, 2016

35: Sisters of the Dragon

Anjelica and the Provost encounter the Tarragon, who hungers for revenge. Meanwhile, Seth, while wandering the Nine wounded from his battle with Sindel, runs into Dagon. Will our heroes even make it to Ursula?


THAMRO #36: The Final Conflict

September 18, 2016

36: The Final Conflict

In the Season 3 finale, Kreyvex, Lyssa, Kumara, Thad Bannon, Achilles, Clan Thamro and the Myrmidon's try to hold off the siege of the royal city; and, at long last, in the Nine Hells, Seth Thamro, Jenna Kiss, the Provost, the Tarragon, Billsby and Anjelica take on Ursula!


THAMRO #37: Counsel of the Ungodly

June 06, 2017

37: Counsel of the Ungodly

The Provost and Anjelica go after the Witches of LayRo Palm, who (until recently) are condemned to live out their days trapped in a pit of lava.


THAMRO #38: This Way Comes

July 06, 2017

38: This Way Comes

Priest James speaks to the villainous Witches of LayRo Palm. Will he survive the encounter and save his goddaughter?


THAMRO #39: The Riddle of 6ix

August 20, 2017

39: The Riddle of 6ix

The most feared bounty hunter in Welkin is born, trained under the cruel tutelage of 1000 Years and then sent on his first mission - a mission to kill a demon of the Nine Hells.


THAMRO #40: The Crucible

October 14, 2017

40: The Crucible

Having survived his first mission, the Ghost must now face his greatest challenge; can he kill someone he loves?


Ear Candy.

October 17, 2017


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